Monday, 20 November 2017

Beauty Advent Calendars - Over £50

On Friday I posted my Beauty Advent Calendars Under £50.00 if you haven't read it yet you can check it out here. Most of the advent calendars on the market are over £50 and I found this post very difficult having to choose just five as there are so many nice ones and I would be happy to have any of them to be honest.

1. Clarins 12 Day Advent Calendar
Let's start off with the slightly cheaper Advent Calendars and work our way up. First is Clarins for £60, not too badly priced and you get 12 days. The packaging is lovely and you could definitely reuse it after you've finished opening it. If you are a Clarins fan then you could always treat yourself! Mainly consisting of skincare items, you do get a couple of makeup items and a candle, which I think is a really great idea, having a nice candle really relaxes me. They also have one with 24 days which I saw after I had seen this one for £95.00.

2. Clinique - 24 Days Of Clinique
Clinique is the first high-end brand that I bought some makeup from with my mum, so I think their advent calendar is worth including. There are 24 days for £79.00 which really isn't bad for 24 Clinique products, they haven't filled any days with rubbish nail files or stickers... You get a range of skincare and makeup items - but mainly skincare. All being mini versions, it includes one of their 3-step skincare systems. As most people know all their products are fragrance-free and this is one of the reasons why I love Clinique.

3. Deluxe Rituals
I don't know much about Rituals as a brand, I haven't tried any of their products, you're probably wondering how I can include their advent calendar if I don't even know anything about the products or brand. I've seen lots of positive reviews of products from Rituals. Also, their advent calendar the shape of it is a 3D Christmas Tree! So for design reasons I had to include it. Right?!

4. Cowshed Advent Calendar
I'm including one that I haven't seen many people talk about in other blog posts or YouTube videos that I've watched. Cowshed have created a 24-day advent calendar with some of their most loved products in minatures for your hands, hair, face and body, perfect for someone who enjoys body lotions and bath and shower gels.

5. Fenwick Advent Calendar
Oh my goodness, I think this is my favourite one, I love everything about it. I really like the design of the Fenwick Advent Calendar, a very wintery, snowy design of a Fenwick store. I think all advent calendars should be a proper Christmassy design whether they are filled with beauty products or chocolate. It has two doors that open out and those doors reveal the 24 little doors filled with either full-size or deluxe travel-size beauty treats good enough for an excited squeal each day, including products from Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, NARS. It's quite similar to the John Lewis one with what brands are included. It's an expensive calendar at £150, but it would make a perfect gift for someone!

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