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My Top 5 Beauty Advent Calendars - Under £50

I have been hunting the internet for this year's Beauty Advent Calendars, this is one of my favourite blog posts to do, I can dream about which advent calendars I would buy if I had an endless pot of money. I found it really hard to pick out a selected number of advent calendars as a lot of brands are stepping up their game with designs and products. So I thought it was best to split the blog posts into two with two different price ranges, in this post I have chosen 5 calendars under £50, which, won't come as a surprise, wasn't really too difficult to pick out as pretty much all the advent calendars are over £50, so my choice wasn't as varied.

I've done it in like a countdown style working up to my favourite under £50.00 Advent Calendar.

5. NYX Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar - £50.00
This is for those lip product lovers. The advent calendar is filled with 24 days, full of different NYX lip products, ranging from their soft and silky butter gloss to their amazing Soft Matte Lip Creams. It would have been nice to see them do one with a range of all their products so you could try out a few things from their brand, but it's still a great advent calendar and I would enjoy opening each door. It is £50.00 so if you're not that into lipsticks or you like to have more of a variety of products, then this advent calendar probably isn't for you.

4. Essie Nail Polish Advent Calendar 24 Day Christmas Countdown - £40
I love Essie as a brand and their amazing range of nail polish colours. You get 24 days of different nail polishes, ranging from gel couture, their standard colour polishes, and some nail care items. They've also included 5 shades that are exclusive to the calendar. Again, if you like a variety of products then an advent calendar full of nail polishes is not going to be for you. But as Essie is a brand that sells only nail items then you know that's what you're getting. I have a bit of an obsession with nail products so I would be very excited with this calendar! Oh also, it is currently £40 in Superdrug reduced from £80!!

3. Benefit Winter WonderGLAM 2017 - £34.50
Benefit I think were one of the first brands that introduced me to beauty advent calendars. Benefit Cosmetics do some great products that get included in this calendar. The calendar has 12 days, and with those 12 days, you get 12 mini products, such as a mini Roller Lash (which is one of my FAVE mascaras), Hooler Bronzer plus lots of other Benefit goodies.

2. Soap & Glory It's A Calendar, Girls! - £40
I can't remember if S&G have done an advent calendar before (a year is a long time!) I think this is really good value for money, you get 24 days, it's £40, I know you only get really small amounts of some of the products, but you also get some really good sized items and the scents of their products are lovely! Some of the items you get are the Thick and Fast Mascara, Hand Food and Heel Genius to name just a few.

1. M&S Beauty Advent Calendar
The winner of my Advent Calendars under £50 is M&S (also my winner for the best Christmas Advert this year.) M&S always do really well with their beauty advent calendars and this year is no different. The packaging is so cute, it looks really Christmassy. There are 25 days and it is priced at £35 IF you spend £35  on clothing/home/beauty - so a bit of a catch there. They have included some amazing brands such as Emma Hardie, Pixi, Ren and it goes on. Definitely one for those beauty lovers who like that variety of beauty brands. This is sold out online but check your local store.

There we have my little round-up of Beauty Advent Calendars for under £50.00! Which one is your favourite? Are you buying one this year?

I will have another blog post up on Monday with my chosen Advent Calendars over £50, so keep a lookout for that!


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