Thursday, 8 March 2018

Blogging Goals

So I wrote these in January, and it is now March. You could say I'm late or missed the boat with the whole "Goals/Blogging Goals of 2018. I just say... *insert some cool comeback that I just can't think of right now.* But I'm here now, taking them from paper to blog and showing them to you.

1. Post more consistently.
This was the first goal that I thought of and the most important one that I wanted to achieve, last year I was very erratic with my posting schedule, and hence why I haven't started posting until now. I wanted to make sure that I had my s*it together (as much as I could possibly have it together) where I knew that I had a few blog post ideas to take me through at least a couple of months. Now I do, so now I'm posting.

2. Update my Blog layout and design.
To put it bluntly, I am not happy with the aesthetics of my blog. I want it to be pretty, clean lines and minimalist. But I just don't feel like my blog is like that. I don't feel like I can customise my blog the way I want it; I don't know whether that's because I'm on Blogspot and don't have my own domain or whether it's simply because I don't have a clue what I'm doing... Anyway, I have tried to update my blog in little ways, I want it to have a complete makeover though. Should I move over to Wordpress? Or buy my own domain? I would love any opinions and suggestions!

3. Purchase my own domain.
I touched on purchasing a domain in my last point, it's something that I would really love to do, to be .com rather than At the moment though it is not n option, my financial priorities do not have room for blog domain funds. Maybe later on in the year I hope I can consider it.

4. Improve the quality of my Blog photos and written content.
I see so many blogs that have amazing pictures, and I get so down about the fact that I just can't seem to take the same quality photos, I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the angle, or the light, or maybe that I don't have a really good expensive camera. I am really trying to get better at flatlays etc, it'll just take time though.

5. Be more active on Social Media
So again I can be a bit erratic with my presence on social media, if I think of something to tweet that isn't blog related, I just end up convincing myself that no one really wants to know, I don't need to tweet it, so I don't. I want to get involved with blogger chats again (do they still happen?!) and chat with other bloggers.

Do you have any blogging goals for the year? Have you achieved any yet? I'd love to know!

Sophie X

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  1. Good luck with all of your goals! I hope you reach them. I moved from Blogger to Wordpress and self hosted around this time last year, and it's the best thing I ever did! It's also a great time to update your blog layout, and get it all done at once xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush