Monday, 5 March 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day has come around again in the UK, if there are any of you who are unaware Mother's Day is on Sunday 11th March, so there is still time to get the perfect gift for your mum. I love Mother's day, it's a great opportunity to say a big thank you to someone who taught you everything you know now. I've put together a little gift guide to give some inspiration to surprise your mum this Mothering Sunday.

Mother's Day can be however you want it to be, you can just have a relaxed day with your mum not doing much, or you can make it a bigger occasion and go out meet up with family. I, personally will just be having a quiet day with my mum this year.

P A M P E R  G I F T S

Having a pamper with mum, I think, is such a good idea, I know that it is something my mum would love. Gifting her some candles, bubble bath, body lotions and some new snuggly pyjamas, letting mum relax and not let her stress or lift a finger for the day. Yankee Candle has some sweet floral smelling candle gift sets. M&S and Next have great loungewear and bath products, also Lush are always great for soothing smelling products.


Flowers are a great gift that are so simple to find and get, every mum loves a bunch of their favourite flowers. Marks and Spencers have got some great bouquets of flowers, they have also got gift sets with chocolates, biscuits, tea etc, perfect!


Gifting some high-end makeup will make your mum feel extra special if you're planning on going out for the day or evening. The Autograph Blush from M&S looks SO pretty and is only £12.50, or get her favourite fragrance.

L I F E  S T Y L E

Most places that you go you can little bits and pieces, even supermarkets can have some really cute items. These Pandora earrings are so pretty, they have some beautiful gifts for Mother's Day. Lifestyle things such as decorative hanging hearts or patterned notebooks all make lovely Mother's Day gifts.

Hope you enjoy having a peek at my first blog post in a while, it feels good to be writing blog posts again. Not too long until Mother's Day now and I'm very excited to make it a special day for my mum.

Sophie X

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