Sunday, 25 October 2015

5 Halloween Decoration Ideas

It's Halloween time again, so I am getting the house ready with lots of decorations and I thought that I would write about some of the things that I have done to make the house look ready for Halloween and give you ideas that you might not have thought of.


One of the most popular Halloween decorations is a pumpkin and at Halloween pretty much nearly every household will have at least one out on display, so pop into your local supermarket and choose a one or two. You can be really creative with a pumpkin; carve a scary face or picture into your pumpkin, use your imagination, there is no limit. Once you have carved out your chosen image, pop a tea light inside or some fake LED ones and watch it glow in the dark.
If you don't want to be scooping pumpkin seeds out a mess free way is to stick ribbon around your pumpkin which still makes them look good but without the mess. 
Another good way is to buy a pumpkin ornament, they obviously look like a pumpkin and they add a really autumnal feel to a room. You can get them in Homesense, which you may have seen in Zoella's vlogs, or one from Dunelm for £12.99.


Spiders Webs

Make a house look old and spooky by simply adding spiders webs around the house, you can buy some from ASDA for £1.00, these can be added to different areas of the house, and it's a really quick and easy way to make a house look ready for Halloween! 

Mummified Glass Jars

A bit more of a DIY decoration, but simple to make. If you have any glass jars lying around the house you can mummify them by getting some gauze bandage or white tissue paper, glue and googly eyes. Wrap the bandage or tissue paper around the glass jar sticking it down with glue, when that's dry stick on the googly eyes, put a tea light in and you're done!

Lights & Garlands

I love having fairy lights around the house at anytime of the year, so why not buy a set of Halloween lights, you can purchase 'George Home 10 Ghostly Lights' from ASDA for £5.00 or these pumpkin ones from for £9.99

Garlands are a cute decoration to hang around the house, you can either buy or make these - again ASDA do some great garlands for a good price, ASDA is the place to go for all things Halloween! They do garlands with pumpkins, skeletons, witches or spiders so a whole range you can choose from, priced from £2.00-£3.00 or you can make your own ones if you're feeling creative. All you need to make a garland is some coloured or white card, a HB pencil, scissors, ribbon, PVA glue and some paint and paintbrushes if you don't have coloured card. Then all you have to do is draw a Halloween object of your choice!


Probably one of my favourite things to do, you don't have to make things like Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes like all the YouTubers are, they look and taste amazing, but you can just bake some 'ordinary' cupcakes or cookies and decorate them Halloween themed, because you can use food colouring to make the icing. Plus ASDA do Halloween shaped cookie cutters, so there are some simple bakes you can do for Halloween! 

So there are my 5 simple ideas for Halloween decorations, tell me your favourite idea or if you have more ideas leave a comment, I would love to read them.
Happy Halloween! 

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