Friday, 30 October 2015

Top 5 Halloween Films

At Halloween it's always good to snuggle up with friends or family and watch a bunch of horror movies with your favourite Halloween treats. I have come up with my top 5 horror movies that I think are good to watch over the Halloween period.

1. Halloween


The Halloween films are a classic Halloween film to watch, if you haven't seen at least one of them, you need to! There are eight films in the sequel and they star Jamie Lee Curtis - well most of them do, the ones with Jamie Lee Curtis are the best ones in my opinion. The base of the story is that a masked man called Michael Myers has escaped from a sanitarium the day before Halloween, and he begins to stalk a high school student called Laurie Strode which is played by Jamie Lee Curtis the next day - hence why the film is called 'Halloween'. That's an insight to the beginning of the story, if I say anymore I'll probably ruin it for people that haven't seen it.

2. American Horror Story

Ok, so this isn't a film it's a TV series, BUT it's a really good TV series and defiantley a must see for Halloween and anytime of the year. I'm currently on season 2 'American Horror Story Asylum'. Season one is terrifying, there were a lot more moments where I felt I couldn't look at the screen. Whereas season 2 I've been a bit more brave - it's more creepy rather than terrifying haha, although my scare threshold is very low, it doesn't take much to scare me. I love to watch and a great thing is you don't have to start from season one as each season is a different story, but I always like to start from the beginning.

3. The Conjuring


This film a great horror film and a popcorn-spiller. It has shocks that are predictable in it but they are still scary. As I said I don't deal well with scary films but I still love to watch them, and the build up of adrenaline is apparent throughout this movie. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren help a family who have disturbances (to put it lightly) in the farmhouse that they live in and are force to confront the powerful spirit, the Warrens find themselves in their most horrifying case.

4. Shaun Of The Dead


Changing over to the more comedy side of horror now, I wanted to include something that suited people who may not like serious horror films. Shaun Of The Dead is about a Electronics shop salesman called Shaun who lives with two flat mates, Pete and best friend Ed. Pete complains that some people bit him and the next morning the city is overwhelmed by a zombie apocalypse and Shaun and Ed try to save Shaun's mum and girlfriend. This film is good if you wanted to watch a horror movie that is more funny and without the major jumpscares.

5. Scary Movie 


Scary Movie is a horror comedy parody, these are the films that take the mick out of serious horror films. There are five in the sequel, they are a spoof of several other films with a focus on 'Scream' and 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', and to give an idea of what the first one is about: A group of teenagers hit a man with their car and they dump his body and decide to never speak about it again. Until a year later a 'Scream' masked person kills them one by one and the group attempts to identify the killer. I haven't watched these films in quite a while but you should give them a watch for a laugh.

So there are my range of top 5 horror movies for the Halloween season, if there some movies you want to put out there comment below!

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