Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Goals For This Year

It's the new year so that means everybody is setting themselves New Years Resolutions again. I decided to set myself some goals for this year, I'm not calling them New Years Resolutions because I feel like I won't freak out as much and then not do any of the resolutions, I thought I would be more successful doing them if I called them goals, and I wanted to share some of them on here.

Exercise More
In 2015 I did some working out, but it wasn't very consistent so I didn't feel like I was seeing much result. Since seeing Anna Saccone-Joly doing her workouts with Lucy and I saw that she was getting noticeable results, I thought 'why can't I do that?!' Now obviously I cannot afford nor do I live anywhere near Lucy, BUT she has a great YouTube channel and what's even better is that she has a website and she is putting a monthly plan on for beginners and intermediates, so I can feel like she is training me and telling me the right exercises to see some results. I am going to follow along and try my best to do all of the workouts she gives.

Drink More Water
I have done this before and seen results such as my skin is a lot better and I just feel better in general, however, I can't seem to keep it up for a long time but I am going to really try this time! I think you're meant to drink 2 litres of water a day, but I am just going to start off with drinking 1 litre a day and then increase it to 2 litres. Also it's good to drink lots of water while working out to keep you hydrated.

Get A Job
Now I feel like this is quite a personal one, I am a student so I don't have a job and I'm not very good at juggling education and work... But I really want to earn some money and meet some new people, also it will hopefully build my confidence.

Do More Things That I Love To Do
I see Alfie - PointlessBlog, Tweeting a lot about doing what makes you happy. He has released merch I think which says 'Do More Of What Makes You Happy' and I always think 'but I don't know how,' which does frustrate me. But I think I'm just going to start off with small things and build my way up, I feel like I've got to learn how to do these things.

Not Think About What Other People Are Doing As Much
This is something I do all the time, I think I should be doing this or that, I go on social media and see what other people are doing, friends that have gone to University and I wonder if I should have gone to University. Sometimes it can actually cloud my judgement of what I actually want to be doing, because I'm thinking that I should be doing something that somebody else is doing. So this year I am really going to try and concentrate on myself more.

Not Let What Other People Think Of Me Affect Me
I don't know if I'm the only person who gets like this, am I? But I get really anxious when people look at me - even just passing them out and about, I worry about what they could be thinking, I always think that what they're thinking is negative. I don't quite know how I'm going to overcome this yet, but I'm going to work on it!

Be More Confident
The last three have all sort of linked, fairly similar and all to do with the mind. I think to be able to do better with the previous two goals is to feel more confident. Confidence is a great, powerful thing to have as you can do so many things with it. I need to work really hard to try and build my confidence because it has been knocked so much, when I have figured out how and feel that my confidence has improved slightly, I will let you know.

These are just some of the goals that I would like to work towards throughout the year, What New Years Resolutions/ Goals have you set yourself?

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