Thursday, 7 January 2016

Top Sales Picks

Now that it's January the sales are in full swing and I normally shy away a bit from sales, seeing the masses of jumbled clothes on the racks scare me. But I have scoured all over the internet for what I think would be some good pieces to pick up in the sale, I have also put a link to each item.

I decided to choose 3 main high street stores to focus on to make it easier of which are; TopShop, River Island and Zara.

I think one of the best things to buy in the sale is a coat, because they can be so expensive it would be good to wait until the coat you wanted to hopefully be in the sale, and coats can be worn quite a lot throughout the year in the UK. These are the coats that I have found and were my favourites:

1. TopShop Faux Fur Zip Detail Bomber Jacket WAS: £79.00 NOW: £30.00
2. TopShop Faux Fur Shawl Biker Jacket WAS: £58.00 NOW: £45.00
3. River Island Brown Shaggy Faux Fur Coat WAS: £85.00 NOW: £40.00
4. Zara Coat With Faux Fur Hood WAS: £59.99 NOW: £39.99
5. Zara Checked Coat WAS: £69.99 NOW: £29.99

Tops and Jumpers are sometimes a really good thing to pick up, like if you shop in TopShop their tops and jumpers can be really expensive, the TopShop bralet that I have listed was £48.00! That is so much just for a bralet, so if it was something that you had really wanted and now they have reduced it, it would be an ideal time to buy it! Jumpers sometimes aren't cheap, if you want a decent quality one then it is going to cost you a bit more, but not if you wait until it's in the sale! 
1. TopShop '70s Sequin Cami Top WAS: £34.00 NOW: £20.00
2. TopShop Star Velvet Bralet WAS: £48.00 NOW: £22.00
3. TopShop Premium Oversized Seam Jumper WAS: £60.00 NOW: £35.00
4. Zara Check Shirt WAS: £25.99 NOW: £12.99
5. River Island Grey Marl Fringed Boucle Top WAS: £30.00 NOW: £12.00

I actually found it really difficult to find jeans in  the sale, this is the sort of thing that doesn't really go in the sale, Zara actually had the best choice for jeans in the sale. But if you want a TopShop pair that can be ridiculously expensive then go and grab one these pairs that I have found.

1. TopShop MOTO Washed Black Leigh Jeans WAS: £40.00 NOW: £25.00
2. Zara Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans WAS: £29.99 NOW: £15.99
3. TopShop Dusty Pink Jamie Jeans WAS: £40.00 NOW: £25.00

Shoes shoes shoes, a girl can't do without them and you can pick up some great bargains in the sale. The River Island pair of long boots were £100 but now they're £50 I would be running down to River Island to get those boots for that price!

3. Office Vibrant Lace Up Flats WAS: £60.00 NOW: £12.80

So they are a few of my top sale picks, definitely worth checking out if you're am stumped on what to buy during the sale. 
Have you purchased anything so far? Tell me what in the comments!

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