Monday, 6 March 2017

February Favourites

It's already the end of February and we are into March, this month has gone by so quick I feel like I haven't had time to think about favourites. I have never done a monthly favourites, so I thought I'd start now and sit down, take a minute and collate some things together that I have been loving in the month of February.

I haven't got too many favourites and I have even fewer beauty favourites, I find this period of Winter difficult to start using new products, so it's a right mixture of things. I'm just kind of hibernating until the weather slightly improves. Does anyone else do that?

First things first my beauty favourites, I have been quite liking the Collection Moisturising Lip Balm in the shade Cappuccino. When I read the name I thought it would be a rich, warm nudey brown shade but when I applied it it made my lips lighter than I thought, which at first I was a bit disappointed about because I thought it would be darker but now I'm glad that it's a wash of colour, it just tints my lips slightly and it is quite glossy and moisturising however like most lip products it can dry the lips slightly. I've been wearing it almost every time I go out in February so it made it into my faves.

The next beauty item is the Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser, the lovely girl from the Clinique counter gave it to me to try. Normally my skin is pretty oily and I usually try and use products that would balance my skin out because I am always breaking out and the foundation I use is very drying as it is for blemish prone skin. But it is winter and I noticed that my foundation was going on patchy and collecting on the dry areas of my face, so I went to the Clinique counter to ask for some advice and the girl said that my skin looked a bit dry and gave me a pot of the moisture surge which to be honest scared me a bit haha, I'm so used to having oily skin (well I though I did). I used it when I had taken all my makeup off (obviously) and I felt like I had given my skin a drink, it felt SO good and when I woke up my skin felt really soft. I don't use it every day, just when I feel like my skin needs that extra bit of moisture.

Beauty favourites done! Short but sweet, I know. I have a few other favourites that aren't beauty related but this isn't just a beauty blog, it's a little bit of everything.

There have been a couple of TV shows that I have been loving over February, the first one being 'Celebs Go Dating' Basically celebrities sign up to a dating agency and the dating agents find dates with "normal" people for the celebs to go on. It's on Monday-Friday at 10pm and I have been loving it.

The second TV show is 'Release The Hounds' and this series has been a celebrity series. It's where 3 celebs go into the woods together and have to do a series of challenges to get a key. One by one they leave the woods and have to run a certain distance from the hounds and get to the ladder before the hounds catch them, if they get to the ladder they get the money for their chosen charity they are playing for. This week was my favourite episode as it was Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg, and Marcus Butler, they all did so well, but if you wanna know exactly what happened then you've gotta go watch it!

Food! I love food haha, and you need a sweet treat to eat whilst you watch these TV shows. I have been having Maryland Cookie Bites, they're new, I saw them in Tesco and I had to get a bag (I love Maryland biscuits 😂)  they're chocolate covered biscuits and they are my little sweet treat when I want one ;). (I don't have a picture because I'll be honest, I've eaten them all!)

Lastly, I've got a couple of music favourites, I have been a bit stuck with music so far this year, there hasn't been much that I like being released. But I recently discovered Jeremih and his song Impatient is so good, it's a bit different to what I usually listen to but I really like it. Then of course as everyone knows Mr Ed Sheeran has just released his album and it's bloody amazing! (But it's more a March fav, but his singles came out February so it counts) Also actually I just remembered I am quite a fan of The Weeknd too and have been listening to some of his songs over the month!


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    Clinique is my fave foundation I have yet to find one stay on my face like theirs! Those Maryland bites have just made my tummy rumble thanks. And well can never get enough of Ed Sheeran hey! X
    Lola Mia //