Saturday, 27 May 2017

June Goals

*Quick note, I wrote this earlier on in May and have only just been able to upload it, I really didn't want to change much in the opening paragraph so I hope you don't mind!

Yay, it's finally May! (Almost June, I know) May/June are probably my favourite months, the weather has been SO lovely this week! I really feel like Summer is coming as the vibes change and the mood lifts with the weather improving - it's a great feeling. April for me was a difficult month as I had little motivation, April is a transitional month, it can still be quite chilly and rainy and it really affects my mood, I'm just waiting for the next month. But now that is passing over and Summer is coming so I've set myself some goals to give me something to focus on.

Post On My Blog Once A Week

I have been seriously slacking with my blog, I really want to write good content and when I have written something I haven't felt like it has been good enough to post. I want to have good text that you enjoy reading (actually making sense would be a bonus) AND pretty pictures that you find interesting to look at, bloggers picture game is so high and I have no idea to be honest how to get to that level, haha, but I'm learning! I need to get some pretty props and look for a background to help improve the quality of my pictures. But I am going to set a day and a time to post on my blog once a week with the possibility of increasing it. You can follow my blog HERE to keep up with my posts.

Post More On Social Media

Like my blog, I haven't been posting enough on social media. On Twitter I get involved with lots of chats and speak to lots of lovely bloggers, but I haven't really been engaging with anyone or made any good friendships and one of the reasons I started blogging was to make friends with some people that I had things in common with, this may sound strange but I just don't know how to. Anyway, I need to 'learn' to tweet on social media just about something I'm doing or thinking, or when I see someone tweet and I think I have something to say or I could help in some way then just go ahead and speak to them and not be scared! Follow me on Twitter HERE and say hello!

Instagram, people are so good on Instagram, they seem to have an amazing flatlay to post almost every day, a really pretty fashion post or they have been on an exciting outing, then there are travel bloggers with the best kind of posts! To be honest, I don't have the time or props to make lots of flatlays, I'm only home in the evening and we all know that you need that natural light for those photos, I know it sounds like I'm making excuses but these are all obstacles that get in the way. Whilst I can't post on Instagram every day, I will definitely try and post more and interact frequently.

Become More Motivated In General

Recently I have lacked motivation which I mentioned above. I have been feeling really tired a lot of the time, and when I get that dropping tired feeling I cannot do anything, I simply don't have the energy. I'm going to try and get a proper good nights sleep, hopefully feeling bright and more awake will give me some motivation and I'll want to do other things as well. 

Read And Comment On More Blog Posts

I read bloggers blog posts whenever I get some free time along with watching YouTube and writing for my own blog, but I never really comment on them, I some great posts and I don't tell them how good it was or that I really connected with something that they have written, I know how much it means to receive a comment on a blog post because it makes me super happy when somebody takes the time to leave a lovely comment. I've like blog posts on Twitter to read when I get a minute sometimes though, I don't get round to it. So I will put aside more time and organise it better to read lots of amazing blogs.

Do A Bullet Journal For A Month

I've seen a lot of people talk about and do bullet journals, however, this something I'm scared to do. I have been interested in starting one, just trying it out for a month or so, I worry that I'll mess it up somehow though. I do need to get more organised though (as I have too many times) and a bullet journal might help me to organise my time better and tasks that I need to get done, so I'll have to give it a go.

Learn Something New

I love learning new skills but I've never really got the time or peace and quiet to learn new skills. I've always wanted to learn the piano, that isn't an option though as we don't have the space for a piano. I used to French when I was at school and I would love to be able to speak fluently in another language, so I am going to try and teach myself some French or Italian - I'll keep you updated on how it goes! 

Keep Being Active

I've been doing really well with my workouts and keeping fit this year. But now I want to start toning up more, and rather than just always working out at home I'd really like to start going out for walks or for a run regularly for fitness reasons and to help mentally. I live in the countryside with lots of fields around so plenty of quiet space ideal for clearing my mind. If we get more weather like we had this week then that will make it a lot easier.

Instagram Stories

I love watching people's Instagram stories, seeing what they're up to, and I have attempted a couple of times, I don't feel like I have much worth showing though. But when I do I want to try and share it. Or maybe I'll just share my really boring days as well. To see me hopefully posting more on Instastories and see what pictures I share, follow me HERE!

These are my May/June goals (as I am so late in May posting them) and I am excited to try some of them out. I just hope I can get and keep up the motivation. If you read up to this point (well done for sticking with me in this long as post) and leave a link to your blog and I will have a read of some of your brilliant blog posts.


  1. I love this so much, good luck with each goal! I need to Tweet more too, it's just knowing what to tweet!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Don't beat yourself up about being inactive on your blog or Social Media- I'm the same, it's so hard to keep up with everything these days and it doesn't help that there's so much 'competition' with other bloggers that seem to be on top of everything! I can relate to this post a lot and I think its great that you're setting yourself goals, great post x x

  3. Loved this! It's always so great to set goals! I hope you managed to tick some of them goals of your June to-do list.

    Hannah-Mae x |

  4. I'm the same with Instagram stories, it's like I love watching other people's so I've been trying to be more active and post on there myself, but I find my own content so bloody boring sometimes- I'm like who would want to see this? haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode