Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Review: Simple Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover

Just before I get started this first section is a pretty long ramble, call it story time with Sophie, just a warning if you want to skip straight to the review! I'll begin now.

I have been on the hunt for a new eye makeup remover for what seems like ages. I was using the Simple kind to eyes cream formula - which I was quite happy with, but when I went to pick up a new one to stock up I could not find it anywhere, I could only see the new one that they had replaced it with which wasn't a cream formula but a liquid one, I was most disappointed. I tend to avoid liquid eye makeup removers as I've used them before and they dry my eyes out so badly! My eyelids become like the Sahara Desert. I have very sensitive eyes and I felt the Simple Cream was the only one that didn't dry my eyes out. I searched high and low, but nope, all I could see were other brands and formulas of which I didn't feel like I knew enough about the product or the brand to actually buy them. So eventually I went back to Simple and purchased their new eye makeup remover that had replaced my beloved cream one. After all that searching I ended up where I'd started. You're probably thinking bloody hell it's just an eye makeup remover... Rambly part over now onto the actual review haha!

I had a proper look at the product when I got home as I was quite interested in trying something different. It is a two part formula made up of s cleansing oil and vitamin enriched water which needs to be shaken to activate the formula. Reading the label on the back of the product it said that it dissolves waterproof eye makeup, I don't tend to wear waterproof makeup so that part didn't fuss me. It also said that no rubbing was needed, you just had to gently wipe the area which pleases me because I had been worrying that I was sometimes being too rough with my eyes. So reading this I was looking forward to having soft, soothed, moisturised eyes.


How To Use It
So when it came to taking my eye makeup off, I went into my bathroom clutching the little bottle of potion, I put a small amount onto the cotton wool pad as it said you only needed a small amount, I placed the cotton wool pad over my eye just sort of pressing it there for a few seconds to help start breaking down the makeup. I then gently wipe over my eye outwards, and to be honest I was kind of expecting it to have taken pretty much all of my makeup off... But it hadn't, it had taken all of my eyeshadow off, however, my mascara and eyeliner were completely still intact, it had not budged one bit! (I wasn't wearing waterproof) I just thought 'oh maybe I was too gentle on my eye.' In the end, I had shaken a lot more product onto the cotton wool pad and wiping at my eye quite harshly to get all traces off. Even after using it I can still see remnants of black eyeliner and mascara smeared around my eyes making me look like I've had a rough night out and woken up with my makeup still on my face. I've tried using it a fair few times now and things I don't like just keep popping up, such as; more often than not when I use it, it makes my eyes sting to the point where I have to stop and cannot open my eyes.

Overall Review
So my overall opinion of the Simple Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover is that I basically do not like it. I have to use so much product to get all the makeup off and even then I have to go around my eyes with my facial cleanser to get all of it off. It stings my eyes so much it makes me cry when it says no rubbing needed and it doesn't sting eyes and both of those things have happened to me! It also does dry my eyes out a bit which I cannot stand. The only good thing is that it takes my eyeshadow off nice and easily. Simple please bring back the cream formula!

Have you tried this particular eye makeup remover, did it work for you?
If you have any recommendations for a good eye makeup remover then please let me know, it would be much appreciated! 
Also, let me know if you liked this blog post, it was a bit of a chatty/rambly/ranty post. This is my first review I think... So tell me if you prefer a straight to the point review or if you enjoy the little story added to it.


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  1. I havent used it but as a simple make up remover I had expected it definately not to sting!! I use Nivea micellar water and find that pretty handy x
    Lola Mia // lolitabonita.co.uk

  2. Ouch! I'm sorry that it made you cry-that sounds horrible.