Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Why I Love Autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, along with Summer, although I don't like how cold it has been so far this year, it's too soon for it to be this cold! This is just a little easy read post of some of the reasons why I love Autumn.

1. My Birthday

I am an Autumn baby, my Birthday is in September and I love that I'm an Autumn baby. The leaves are golden on the trees, the weather is slightly colder but there are crisp days with some lovely sunshine and the evenings are still fairly light. 

2. Halloween! 

One of my favourite occasions is Halloween! I really enjoy decorating the house with Halloween decorations, making little crafts and dressing up, Halloween snacks, Pumpkins. Basically just everything.

3. Candles

It's the time of year where we can pull out those autumnal smelling candles (maybe make a few new purchases) and create that warm, cosy feeling, smelling Pumpkin spice wherever you go.

4. Autumnal Fashion

The transitional fashion can be tricky but you can get some really great pieces, especially if you live in the UK, we always need those transitional items as we get a fair bit of in-between weather. I also like it because you can add a jacket and you're good to go, you don't need to put 20 layers on yet. The colours for Autumn are gorgeous too.

5. Cosy Evenings

Cosy days and evenings are the best, where you can just curl up on the sofa, in your comfy PJs with all the soft blankets and cushions (and those candles) watching a movie with some homemade treats.

They are just a few reasons as to why I love Autumn, I think after talking all things Autumn I'm going to go and get a hot chocolate.
What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

Sophie X

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