Tuesday, 31 October 2017

My Top 5 Halloween Movies

It's Halloween tomorrow, I'm still excited even though I'm not actually doing anything for it this year. I'm annoyed I didn't get to do more Halloween themed blog posts this year, but I have had quite a lot of stuff going on recently, I have managed though, to come up with some movies I think would be good to watch tomorrow night if you're having a quiet one. I have covered everything from Children's' movies to comedy to your classic horror film.

1. Practical Magic
I love Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as a duo in this film. It's about two witches who are sisters that live with their aunts' who also have powers. They are very different in personality and in the film they use their magic powers on spells for love. Not a scary film really, but Witchy vibes are perfect for Halloween.

2. Hocus Pocus
You can't help but love this movie, it's Disney so you know it's pretty safe. Three witches who are brought back to life, causing trouble and two teens and a young girl have the job of stopping them and their trouble. I mean it's a classic, Bette Midler is amazing, you have to watch if you haven't already.

3. Shaun Of The Dead
For the comedy lovers, if you want something light and fairly easy to watch then this is the film for you. Sean and his friend basically have to fight off an army of zombies trying to save their loved ones along the way. This is a film my dad and I watch together as we have the same sense of humor, he finds it particularly funny.

4. Halloween
The classic horror movie, you can't not watch at least one of the Halloween movies, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, they are creepy, scary and have some good jump scary parts, just my level of scariness where I can still watch the actual film and not spend the whole time covering my eyes, I never get bored of these movies.

5. The Ring
A more modern horror film, and one that I haven't seen, this is one that I want to try and attempt to watch, I have watched the beginning, but I had to switch it off because I literally could not face what was going to happen, we are talking at the very beginning of the film, you know how I said not covering your eyes for the entire movie, yeah, well that's what I would probably be doing with this movie. As it is Halloween though, I will try and give it another go.

Bonus: A bonus one, it's not a film, but I definitely think it is worth including in this post and that is, American Horror Story, it is a TV series I know, but if you want to get into something pretty gritty I would say, and this is exactly my kind of scary then give it go!

What are you doing for Halloween this year? Which scary films will you be watching? Let me know!

Happy Halloween!

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