Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas Gifts For Her

It is now time for my Christmas Gift Guide For Her, I have already done stocking fillers under £15.00 so check that out if you have haven't already. This gift guide definitely has some luxury gifts to treat your loved ones this Christmas. I have stuck to mainly makeup and fashion and some of these things are things I would put on my wishlist!

So the first product I found is the 'My Burberry Festive Eau de Parfum 90ml Limited Edition.' I love Burberry they are one of my favourite brands, they do so many amazing products that would be great for Christmas. The perfume is limited edition for Christmas which makes it even more special. The packaging is beautiful, it comes in a simple gold box with a bow on and the bottle is beautiful, it has a horn look lid and the bow is a gold gabardine knot which is actually inspired by the Burberry trench coat. Also the bottle has glitter inside, so every time you pick it up it will look like a snow globe! The scent is contemporary British, grand floral. It has 'top notes of sweet pea and bergamot fuse with a geranium leaf, golden quince and freesia heart, rounded out with a base of patchouli and rain damask and centifolia roses.' You get 90ml which is a decent amount, but you can also get 50ml for a slightly cheaper price. The whole look of this perfume is so elegant. 
My Burberry Festive Eau de Parfum 90ml Limited Edition £90 / 50ml £65

Next up we have something from Jo Malone *excited squeal,* the Christmas gifts at Jo Malone are amazing, the packaging is very Christmassy, the theme is light and dark green stripes with mistletoe - it's all so pretty! Jo Malone do a whole range of Christmas goodies and some lovely candles, I chose this candle which is the Pine and Eucalyptus Home Candle, it is the perfect Christmas candle to give to someone to decorate their home with. However I don't think this candle has the Christmas packaging which I was a bit sad about but the candle is amazing enough. The candle burn time is 45 hours and costs £42.00 it is available from the Jo Malone website or a range of department stores.
The third gift is from Anthropologie and it's a Monogram Pouch, these are very pretty and would make a very thoughtful gift. This monogram pouch has a zip closure with a tassel on and is available in all the letters of the alphabet. At £26.00 it does seem quite expensive for a small pouch, but it is beautifully made and is well worth the money.
The next gift is one of my favourites: Yves Saint Laurent Kiss & Love Palette, I found this on the Debenhams website and had to include it in my gift guide. The palette is in a gorgeous gold case and is embossed with red lip prints. Inside the palette you get a pearly gold shade, dark brown, silvery shimmer and champagne gold shadows, great colours to create a smoky eye. You also get two Rouge Volupt√© shades: Playful Light Pink and Wicked Pure Red, these quench the lips leaving a shot of colour and a shiny finish. Finally for the cheeks you get a fresh coral that gives a lovely glow to your cheeks. This is limited edition for Chirstmas so buy it while it's available, and the palette currently has 10% off in Debenhams normally being £59.00 it is now £53.10.
Next is a watch, I find it difficult to find a good quality watch that I really like, but these ones are lovely. Olivia Burton does a whole range of watches, but it was the midi dial ones that caught my eye. You can get them in a range of colours but I chose my top three favourite to show you. These beautiful watches would make a lovely Christmas gift, the colours I've chosen are mink and rose gold, rose and gold and black and gold. These are a classic style watch that make a simple, subtle statement.
Another gift is a Christmas jumper, it has to be included. Sometimes a novelty gift but this is so pretty and not a bright Christmas jumper. This one is from Next and is £20.00, this fluffy jumper is a cream colour with a reindeer on and baubles on the the antlers. A very laid back jumper is a Christmas must have! 
Books! It's always good to receive some books at Christmas, although the ones I have chosen are beauty related. I picked The Craft by Lou Teasdale, this has been out for a while but if you haven't got it, you need it. Lou Teasdale is One Direction' makeup artist, so maybe if you're also a fan of One Direction this would be a good book (it doesn't have 1D in the book) she is very creative with both hair and makeup and a little different from other makeup books.
The second book I chose is again about makeup and is called Face Paint: The Story Of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge. This book is more about the history of makeup rather than a guide on how to do certain looks, but would make a good coffee table book to read through each time you sit down.

The next gift is from Lush! I really wanted to include a bath item and Lush do a great range of Christmas gift sets or you can buy things singularly. This set is called 'It's Christmas Deer' and you get five Lush items which are some of their most popular items:
Golden Wonder - Bath Bomb
Snowcake - Soap
The Magic Of Christmas - Reusable Bubble Bar
Beautiful - Shower Gel 
Karma Kream - Body Lotion

The last item of the Christmas Gift Guide For Her is a pair of pyjamas, after a long fun Christmas Day you can cosy up in a new pair or pyjamas and watch a movie. These ones are from Next for £30.00, a lovely pink check colour. A simple perfect gift for any girl!

So they are all the Christmas Gifts for her, the one for him will be up in the next couple of days.
27 days until Christmas!!! I'm very excited.

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