Tuesday, 29 December 2015

DIY Snowflakes

Making some of your own Christmas decorations can make Christmas even more fun, and homemade decorations are more personal and special. You can make one out of things from around your home, I found these pipe cleaners and thought I could make a snowflake with them.

Difficulty: Easy

You'll Need:
4 Pipe Cleaners
Scissors or Wire Cutters
PVA Glue

1. First you need to cut two pipe cleaners in half so that you'll have four pipe cleaner halves, but put one bit of pipe cleaner aside (you'll need this later). Take the other three bits and place them on top of each other to make a star shape, carefully wind them round each other in the centre to make a basic star shape, make sure they look even once you started winding!



2. Next you will need to take the other half of a pipe cleaner that you put aside earlier, but you will also need to take two more pipe cleaners and cut them in half, then in half again and they should look like the first half that was leftover.

3. Once you've got the cut up bits of pipe cleaners, you need to start winding them round each pipe cleaner that is the base of the snowflake, you need to put two on every other part of the snowflake. (Look at the picture below) 


4. Now you have made your snowflake! But, it needs a bit of sparkle added to it, so add some silver glitter. To do this you will need PVA glue, and you need to carefully line the snowflake with the glue - a fairly thin amount will be fine! Then sprinkle glitter all over, with a piece of paper underneath to catch excess glitter.


5. Tap the snowflake to get loose glitter off. Bend one of the bits of of pipe cleaner slightly to male a loop and put some ribbon through, or something that you can't tie and hang somewhere.

Now it's time to just hang your snowflake somewhere where everyone can see it!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I promise that I will get back to you! :) xx

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